Easy and Quick Cushion Cover Tutorial


How to make your own cushion cover!

Skill level: Beginner – know how to thread up your machine and sew in a straight line. Tools needed:

  • Sewing machine
  • Your choice of fabric
  • Scissors, pins, measuring tape and thread.

Ok, cool, let’s start! Firstly, measurements are for a 50×50 cm cushion cover, reduce or expand depending on how big you want your cushion to be.

Cut a rectangle strip of your chosen fabric -52 x125 cm


Fold the two short edges over twice so that the raw edge is hidden. Pin in place and sew a straight line to secure.


Lay the fabric pattern side down and measure approximately 60cm from one end and mark with a pin (we’re going along the longer side now.)

Carrying on from the first pin, measure 50 cm and mark again with a pin.

Turn the fabric patterned side up and fold over at the pin makings. (Fold a straight line.)


Pin it all in place.


Sew a straight line along the two open ends approximately 1 cm from the edge. Try using the pressure foot as a guide for a straight line when sewing.

Take all pins out turn right way round and Boom! You’ve made yourself a cushion cover! Easy wasn’t it!



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