Friday project… DIY shoe bling up!

Turn your boring shoes…

image   This is a great quick project for turning some dull shoes around! Bits needed… image Also you will need some glue! I don’t recommend superglue as you will be using your fingers a lot and you want the bead things on the shoes not your fingers! Also make sure it dries clear! The ‘beads’ I got we’re from Hobbycraft are flat bottomed embellishments and were £1 per pack and I needed just under 2 packs for the shoes. You can get them in a smaller size, which would be good for making sure there are less gaps when arranged on the shoes (see pics later.) It’s fairly simple really… put glue on the toecap off the shoe and stick the ‘beads’ on. Leave to dry…

imageSee the awful gaps! But to be fair they’re not noticeable when walking around in them but if I were to do them again I’d spend a bit more time and do the smaller ones.

Next, I replaced the laces with cream satin ribbon… image

I then added a little bow at the back made from skinny red satin ribbon and stuck on with glue.





Hope you have as much fun doing this as I did!

Hope you all have a creative weekend!


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