Cute Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial!


These little bandana bibs are so cute and great for little dribblers!

You will need:

Fabric of your choice for the top, towelling for back (you can use flannel too but I feel towelling is more absorbent.)

Snap fasteners and tool or Velcro if you would rather.

Thread, machine, scissors…

First create a triangle template for yourself out of card. The top should be approx 42cm and each other side 30cm. Draw around this template lightly on the ‘wrong’ side of your fabric. You will use this as a stitch guide. When cutting out cut and extra cm or so for seam allowance. Do this for both top fabric and backing fabric.


Now put ‘right’ sides together and pin! Place 2 pins approx 5 cm apart up the top of one of the sides. This will be your start and finish points when sewing, and will help you remember to leave a gap!


Sew together! It’s just 3 straight lines! Easy!

When done, trim the edges so you have an even seam and make sure there is not too much bulk around the corners, or they will not have a point later. Then turn it right way round and sew the hole shut with a simple running stitch.

Give it a quick iron and top stitch. (Just makes it look a bit smarter!)


Now, if you have the tool, I’d recommend using snap fasteners as it looks more professional, but if you don’t then Velcro will work well as an alternative fastener for the bib. With the snap fasteners I do two popper bits and 1 hole bit as it allows the bib to expand as baby gets bigger.



So you are now done! Woohoo!

Oh, if you do go with towelling for the back, do not cut it over a carpet floor, it is VERY messy!

You have been warned! Enjoy!




11/2/2014- linking up with Tuesday Pintorials! check out the pretty button on my bar!


  1. Wow! This post proves how adorable the bandana bib is. The fabric that you have used is cute and it seems like it is so soft. The instructions are very well stated. Congratulations for a job well done!


  2. Hi, love this and am going to try it out soon! Could you tell me where you got your snap fastener from or what make it is please? I can only find ones for leather which I’m not sure will do the same job? Thanks


    1. Hi Vicky, I got mine online ( the never ending world of eBay!) They are nickel free metal snap fasteners. If you type that in you should get the right hits. Mine are 9.5mm ones and they come in sets with female, male (ugh, I hate those terms) and the claw bits for them. They normally say in description that they are for general craft use. I’ve not seen leather specific ones, but I imagine if they are made for leather a bit may be overkill. As for the tool, I got that from my local haberdashery but it was a Sewline branded one. Good luck and I hope that helps you find what you need.


    1. Thank you! Yes, they do have a habit of doing that don’t they! My little one was exactly the same. They learn quickly but it’s not always the things you want them to do that interests them the most!

      The fabric is very cute its from one of my favourite fabric shops- she’s got some gorgeous ‘girly’ fabrics too if you do fancy making one for your little girl! (Not sponsored, it’s just a great fabric shop!)



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