My EPP Hexie quilt



So, it’s not exactly a quilt yet, but that’s not the point!

I’m new to EPP and its a slow process as I only work on it when I have spare scraps of time but its Betty satisfying!

Here’s how far I’ve come:

ImageI started by attaching one to the other and so on as there is no pattern but from not on I’ll complete flower style shape block and then attaching them together as this will be easier as it grows.

As I mentioned there is no pattern. I normally like some kind of design but this is a quilt for me made from scraps of all the fabric I’ve used and I hope when it’s finished, I’ll enjoy using it and looking at all the gorgeous fabrics I’ve used over the years!

This is the only EPP project I’m working on so I store all my stuff together in this little suitcase:


It’s cute and has everything I need. Scissors, threads, pins and hand needles (in cute needle book!) my templates and fabric.

I’ve already got some hexies ready to go and cut fabric and templates ready to be sewn together.


I hope you’ve enjoyed a browse into my little sewing side project…

feel free to share your EPP projects. Love having a look at what everybody is doing!





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