74 FQs!!!


So, I’m a little bit beside myself as I got an amazing email from THE super duper Alison Glass (www.alisonglass.com) on Tuesday telling me that I was the winner of this fantastic giveaway!

To be honest at first I didn’t believe it, thought it was a wind up, then thought you don’t get many spammers that know I’m a fabric addict that actually entered this comp! It was genuinely Alison trying to give me a hell of a lot of FQs.

So after I’ve stroked them and told them I love them I’m going to have to put them to good use… This is where my pintrest boards come to life!!

I’ll blog all my projects, some will be for myself, others as Xmas gifts for others.

Plans for the FQs so far are:


Table runner and placemat sets

Business card holder

Possibly some fabric baskets to act as a hamper type thing for gifts

Possibly some little baby shoes

Thats the list so far…

I’m also still working on my quilt (I know, I know- I did finally quilt it last week but hated it, so I’m unpicking at the mo!)

Also hope to bring toddler/baby dress tutorial soon but that will be using current stash as it needs a meter.

Ok, well I’m going to sit patiently waiting for the postman (ahem) and plan my projects!!


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