Sewing up a toddler dress



Today I’m sharing these little dresses that are great to make for little toddler + girls.

Not quite a tutorial as you need the pattern for this one, but still loads of photos and explanations, so if you are new to dress making and have the pattern, it will hopefully help you along.

I love this pattern (new look 6578) as it’s easy to wear for little one as the loose fit design means they won’t have grown out of it the following week! They also do the same dress but for 1year and under which is New look 6576.


Firstly you need to trace and cut your pattern. Remember to trace on reverse side of fabric, to fold fabric (pattern pieces are for half) and if you have a certain pattern make sure it’s facing the right way! Pin it together so you get a clean symmetrical cut for whole piece.


There are 4 pieces to this pattern. Front, back and lining for front and back. (I’ve added ties to my version but that’s an optional extra.)


Please ignore the apostrophe that’s Gone AWOL, obviously went off to get some cake.

Ok, now for some sewing! I always run a quick zig zag stitch on the bottom of the two lining pieces to cover the raw edges.

Then putting pretty sides together sew the two front pieces together and the two back sodded together. When this is done you may have to cut out few triangles of fabric four of seam on the curve so that it doesn’t pull. Turn right way round.

Now you should have two pieces. Give them an iron and then top stitch around them.


Now, if you want to add straps nows the time. I cut two 8cm x 60cm pieces of fabric and ironed folds into them and carefully top stitched closed (Leaving the strap 2cm wide.) You could also make a tube and turn inside out, it’s up to you. Also feel free to make straps shorter or longer if you wish.


Now stitch front and back pieces together and zig zag stitch the seams to tidy them up a bit.

You will now move on to the more boring bits. You will need to insert a button hole on the longer back straps (see photo above) and attach buttons (I love a nice big chunky button, but it’s up to you.) make sure they are on nice and tight!

You will also need to hem the dress.

But yey, it’s done and you now have a cute and original dress for a little one!




In autumn it’s great to wear these dresses with long sleeve tops underneath, a cardigan and big chunky tights! Dresses aren’t just for summer!!



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