Fabric basket tutorial




Today I made this fab little fabric basket. It’s serially quick and easy (just my sort of thing) so I think I will be making a few more! I’m going to be making them for Christmas and filling them with little goodies.

So here’s how it’s done…

First cut out 4 pieces of fabric: 2 x inner fabric and 2 x outer fabric. Each approx 28 x 23 cm. (which is about half a FQ in each fabric. (I used a sturdy white fabric on the inside and as you can see it holds up fine.))


Nice sides together sew 3 sides of the fabric, leaving the top open.


Now you have 2 ‘bags.’ Turn them inside out and fold the ends so that the seams from the side lies on the bottom seam. Measure 2 inches in and mark with pin. Sew a straight line down (sewing the corner off) do this on both sides with both ‘bags’. Some people chop off this corner but I’ve left mine in to keep the bottom more stable.


Ok, now comes the fiddly bit. Put one bag inside the other, pretty sides out. Make sure they fit snugly and that the inside bag is right way round. Make sure the base is nice and flat and pin it all in place.


Now fold over the edge of the inner bag to create a hem, pin and do the same to the outer bag, pin and then pin both together, making sure the line up to each other. Sew a single top stitch to secure.


Ta Dah! It’s done.


I think I’ll make some bigger ones but will probably use some interfacing to make sure it stands up!

I love this print as well, think it makes the baskets look very stylish. Might have to make one for myself with this print, can’t give them all away as gifts can I? 😉


Added April 2014- after making loads pre Christmas, I made some more the other day, so wanted to add this pic to the post as well…



  1. This is such a lovely idea – I have LOADS of fabric that would make lush storage boxes 🙂 Could you incorporate some cardboard into the sides to help with the standing up issue on larger sizes?


    1. Hi, thanks for visiting! Yes, you could but I suppose you couldn’t wash them. So it depends what you have in mind for them. If you do want to wash them, an additional interfacing lining should help. Hope you have fun making these!


    2. Hi, thanks for visiting! Yes, you can use some card to sturdy the larger ones up, but it would mean you couldn’t wash them, so it depends what you have in mind for them. If you do want to wash them, an additional layer of strong interfacing should help! 🙂


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