Random Acts of Kindness


Hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and are all suitably full and well rested.

Just before Xmas I received this beautiful package from Cas at Mummy Never Sleeps.

It was part of her random acts of kindness project that I had joined earlier in the year.

Cas had sent me a beautifully packaged bundle of goodies. See all the pics below! Chocolate was consumed almost instantly and the candles were on soon after. The only problem is that the candles are salted caramel scent and red velvet cake scent which are so yummy I’ve been craving them ever since I lit the wick! I’m sure ill be using the mini bath-y bits over the next few days and I’m looking forward to filling out the book about ME!! : )

It was so lovely to receive this little package in the post and just want to thank Cas for putting such thought and effort tin to it. If you haven’t read her blog you should, it’s very honest, funny but also serious. Oh, but if you don’t like swearing, Do Not go! ; ) http://www.mummyneversleeps.com



So, now it’s my turn to spread a bit of fun and happiness…

The plan is this: the first 5 people to sign up, will get a mystery package sent to them sometime in the next 6 months (surprise packages are fun!) Once you get your package you then spread a little love yourself. You don’t have to have a blog, you can do it anyway you like as long as you pass on a bit of thought and kindness/happiness to people. I hate to have to do this, but I’m going to have to limit it to UK residents only. (But maybe my overseas friends would like to start something similar?)

To sign up, please leave a comment below. I will then need you to let me know your name and address. There’s a contact box form on my about me page where you can do this.

Long live acts of kindness and fun!!



  1. Ok, sign ups for acts of kindness is now full!!

    I’ve got 4 people to spread love out to and I’m going to use the last ‘space’ for some more random acts on unknown people.

    Don’t forget to say please and thank you and hold the door!

    Lou x


  2. Oh could I join please? I love the idea of this. I have been living in Oxfordshire for almost a year and have used baby no3 as an excuse for not getting out much (terribly poor excuse as a baby is actually a really good reason for getting out!). But hey have decided 2014 is the year for all things New and that means doing new different and exciting things. Have some sewing plans up my sleeve and an action plan for making new chums so this would be such a lovely thing to remind me to do random acts of kindness and inspire me to stay positive. Thank you for a lovely idea!


    1. Of course! Yey! Have got your message so expect something in the next 6 months (hopefully you will have forgotten about it and it will be a nice surprise!) Happy to hear about your plans for 2014. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut in life so good for you for making fun plans and taking action!

      Only 1 space for my kindness left… (After that I slam the door of kindness in your face ; ) )


    1. Thank you! Could you please use the comments box on the about me page to send me your email/postal address. Also, if your on twitter let me know your @ handle do I can follow you (in non creepy way!) ill then send you some kindness in the next 6 months and you pay it forward. Via blog/social media or just in life!


  3. I’m now going to open it up to Europe and USA. I have a plan…
    You don’t have to have a blog to join in. It’s just a way of spreading some fun and joy in life!
    Comment below if you want to join in. First 5 get a little something from me. But feel free to spread some love anyway!


  4. Oh, I love your random acts of kindness campaign. It’s wonderful to make another person’s day a bit brighter through giving or being kind. We never really know sometimes what a difference it makes to someone else. Even if it is a simple smile, kind word or opening a door for someone and letting them go in front of you.


      1. Thank you for the invite. I’m in the U.S. I don’t have a blog or I would mention what you are doing because it is just so cool. I’ll “join” you by doing random acts of kindness for others in my travels. It’s wonderful what a smile and kind words can do for other people. This year I read a blog post from a lady who celebrated her birthday by doing all kinds of nice things for others on her birthday. I wish I had the link to her post to share with you. I think you would like it. Some of the things she did were leaving flowers at someone’s door knocking and running away, putting bottled water at the end of a jogging path for joggers, “accidentally” dropping a few dollars on the ground for someone to find. Her list went on and on.

        On Christmas day I found a wrapped gift at my door with a card. The card had my name and my husband’s name on it. We opened the card and it was signed “From a Neighbor.” In the package were 2 lovely crochet (homemade) pot holders. That is giving from the heart. I don’t know which neighbor it is because all of our neighbors are such kind and caring people. Will be wondering who it is during 2014. LOL! 🙂


      2. Aww, that sounds so lovely, all the more special for being annonomous! You live in a nice area!
        You don’t have to have a blog or anything like that. I’m actually thinking the more random ways are more fun. If nobody ‘signs up’ soon, I might switch it to doing random annonomous things and share what I’ve done via the blog. Maybe it will inspire a few others to do the same!!
        If you don’t mind, could you send me your email via the comments box on the about me page? Maybe I can spread some email style kindness your way..?


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