Patchwork heart cushion tutorial

**Love is in the air , everywhere I look around, la la la**

Ok, so we’re not quite there yet, but that means you still have time to sew something up if you are wanting to make something for Valentine ‘s Day.

I’ve made a patchwork cushion to share with you all . You can recreate it or use it as inspiration (just don’t go making £millions out of it or I’ll come after you!)

Saying that, I’m not actually  100% happy with this cushion. I’ll give you the details below and then my notes on what I’d do differently.


‘Big love’ cushion Pattern

This will make a 70 x 70 cushion cover.



Cushion is made up of squares (2.5 square inches ) and strips (2.5″ x various lengths. The photo below explains what sizes you will need and how many.



All you will need to do is sew them together following the pattern. Once you have your front, attach this to two overlapping back pieces to make the actual cover.

** What I would do differently/ notes on making this cushion.**

1. I’d put a border around it so that you can see the heart more fully. (I initially thought about this when planning but I was worried I would make an already large cushion a bit too big!)

2. I like playing with colour and like the deepening of the colour with the heart but I’d choose a darker colour for the lightest shade think it’s too light.)

3. Possibly make the in between strips thiner, so that the heart is brought together more.

Tip: when cutting the end strips cut a big extra length ways as you can always trim down to size after (we all like a bit of wiggle room!)


Not just for Valentines, could be for Anniversary, wedding, new home.

If it was for special occasion, it might be quite sweet to embrioder the special date on to one of the squares, and/ or the couples initials.

All coloured square the same colour. Or maybe supersize to a quilt!

Well, I hope you’ve been inspired to sew some handmade lurve…



  1. I love this modern graphic heart cushion, perfect for any age. Would even look quite masculine done in monochrome. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world!


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