Economy block along. Quilt blocks


If you’re on a Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed the #economyblockalong going around. This is where people make this block and share it with others by using the #

A few weeks ago, I made a couple in different sizes. I think I prefer the bigger one. You get to see the patterns of the fabric more and you get ‘more block for your money’ so to speak.

So here are the two I made:




















Here are the cutting requirements to make a 12″ finished block (curtesy of all those people on Instagram/twitter who worked it out- including the amazing I’m a ginger monkey)











They are quite quick and easy to make up, so why not make a few and share them with everybody? Just don’t forget the #economyblockalong

If you are on Instagram feel free to give me a follow, I always enjoy seeing others sewing! Same with a Twitter. My profile name for both is I’m studio Lou, do come say hi!




  1. I use this block pattern for a quilt I am sewing for my mother-in-law. I will upload pictures to my blog when it’s finished. (Can’t do it right now as my mother-in-law might see it and she doesn’t know yet that she’ll get a quilt.)


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