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Ugh, first I’d like to apologise for that cringey title, however it’s catchy so I’m having it!

Over on Lily’s Quilts there’s a linky going on for small bloggers. It’s a way for us little bloggers to get chatting, get more views and generally ‘get out there’ in the quilty sewing blog world.

Then when thinking about a post for this link, I got thinking and my mind wandered to quilt bees. I’m newish to the quilting world and have never been involved in one, but they look fun, right?!?

So…. I thought I’d organise a quilt bee, just for us smaller blogs. We can all do our first bee together, learn from each other make quilty friends, oh and actual quilts. 😉

I believe it goes a little something like this:

12 people. 1 year. Each person gets one month where the others all send them blocks of their choice during that month. At the end you get a quilt! Easy!



I need 11 other quilters who have sewing/quilt blogs with fewer than 50 followers.

Due to postage costs I’m going to ask that this bee stays in the UK.

You haven’t done a quilt bee before.

To sign up please leave a comment saying you’re in! First 11 to do so, please send me a private comment (in box below) with your email address & any social media so we can get organising!!

Once I get 11, I’ll email you all and we can all say Hi, talk about skill levels, what blocks we want, sizes, addresses etc etc and I’ll randomly assign us all a month.

Since this post is all about getting social, if like to share my ‘social media’ handles/ names. Please feel free to share yours too so we can all get chatting/have a nosey at what everyone is doing!

Twitter: @imstudiolou

Instagram: imstudiolou

Pintrest: imstudiolou


I’m linking up with Lily’s Quilts, Small Blog Meet – image


  1. I’ve just stumbled across this (via note to follow sew) and can’t believe that I’m too late 😦 if anybody drops out I’d be grateful if you’d consider me :0) thanks x


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