My LQS (local quilt shop) Sew Patchwork

Today I thought I’d share a glimpse in to a lovely little shop named Sew Patchwork in Thame, Oxfordshire.


It opened in summer last year, at around the same time I started quilting.

I asked nicely and the owner said I could take some pretty Pictures to show you all. We all love quilt & sewing shops after all!

She may be small but she fits alot in!

Gorgeous Moda solids:











She stocks cutting mats, rotary cutters, needles as well as markers, pins and templates (all notions covered then!) A pretty thread selection is also great to look at (she has 100% cotton, sew all, hand stitching as well as gorgeous Oliver Twist and Sashiko thread):




















Some lovely fabrics, actually since taking these pics, she’s had some of the new Dashwood range in, which are a must have for my stash!

image image

















A fab vintage machine:











And look at that quilt behind the desk! It’s Epic!











So, if you are local to Thame, you must pop in, I apologise in advance for tempting you (I know , I know, you weren’t meant be buying more fabric…) 😉



ps. Just in case you are wondering, I’ve not been paid in any way shape or form to do this. Just love to share some quilty retail goodness!


  1. I love that blue spot fabric! I must confess, I don’t know where my LQS is. There used to be one not far from me but that went out of business about a year ago. There’s another not far, but I don’t know where it is. I must investigate! x


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