Super Sunday Stash #2

Well, I’ve been busy on the fabric buying front!

It starts with a trip to Ikea…. (A couple of meters of each)

image image

















Then an internet order arrives…

(1/2 meter of Kona violet, catnap FQ and Wee wander FQ and a meter of denim (dress for my girl))


Then another internet order arrives…

(Wee wander FQs x 7 plus 1 meter of Wee wander border print. This will be a quilt for my girl. Also a sewing pattern and a Kona colour card – I’ve been wanting one for ages and I wasn’t disappointed, it’s such a pretty thing!)



















I can’t promise I won’t be back here for another Sunday stash next week. :/ 😉

Linking up with Mollie Sparkles- just follow the sparkly button…


  1. Thanks for linking up Sunday Stash with me this week! I’ve been seeing Wee Wander fabrics around lately and I love them, such a perfect collection for a little girl!


  2. Where did you get your Internet orders? The fabric looks so good and my girls would love something made from it.


    1. They are from Village Haberdashery and Plush addict. Both have great selection and stock wee wander. I think plush addict are doing double plush points this weekend (their loyalty scheme thing!) Would love to see what you make with it!


  3. Looks like you will be doing some Wee Wandering for a while! Those prints are so pretty and cute! I thought about getting a Kona Colour Card… Glad to hear you were not disappointed!


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