Sunday Stash. The one where I get Aurifil. No 3

Well, I missed last week, but I’m back again! So what have I been buying this week?

It started off with a not to skimpy 4 meters of this gorgeous sailboat fabric. I’m going to turn them in to cute little summer dresses for girls, so it’s ok that I bought that much, honest!


Next up, I got this great book that accompanies the current BBC series if the Great British Sewing Bee. It’s got full patterns for all the projects in the book, so hopefully i’ll be sewing up some fab clothes from there soon!


Last, but by NO means least is my spool of Aurifil. I have heard so much good stuff about this thread since entering the online sewing world, so I’m glad I finally have one to try. I hear that Wee Wander quilt calling…


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  1. That sailboat fabric will be great for dresses… love the nautical theme.

    I mostly use Gutermann thread because it’s readily available locally, but I do like the Aurifil I’ve used. I tend to use it when I’m quilting something rather than for piecing, though, since I feel like the cheaper Guttermann thread gets the job done just fine.


    1. Yeah, Gutermann is what I use at the mo, for quilting, dressmaking and general sewing and I’ve got no problems with it. I heard so much good stuff about Aurifil, felt like I was missing out. I’m going to try it when I start my next quilt. Better be good!


  2. Aurafil is the bomb of thread, my dog agrees as he chewed up a whole spool much to my dismay. I was sad for a week. The sailboat fabric will be perfect for dresses!!


  3. You’re going to love sewing with Aurifil. My friends use it and their 1/4″ seams are truer and one spool lasts a very long time!

    My machine just turns it into a birds nest, no matter how I try to adjust the tension! Oh well ~ enjoy.


    1. It’s not around that much in UK but more online stores are stocking it over here now, I’m sure worldwide domination isn’t far away for them! Sewing Bee is good, I heard they are doing a New York one next year so maybe a Canadian version soon…


  4. Oh, I can’t wait to see what you will make first from that book, Lou! I just finished my very first garment on Friday and it turned out pretty fabby if I do say so myself! Congrats on the Aurifil find. Have fun!!!


    1. I’m looking forward to it, there’s lots to chose from, currently using it as an excuse to spend a lot of time looking for fabrics to turn into clothes 🙂 Hope you plan on sharing what you made!


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