Hillarys blinds country craft competition… My entry

So, a month or so ago I heard about this amazing competiton that Hillarys were having for crafty/sewing bloggers.

Why is it amazing?? I’ll tell you why! 1. You choose a gorgeous piece of fabric (1m square, so hardly small) and they send it to you for free! 2. You can do whatever you want with the fabric. 3. Winner gets £1000. Don’t know about you, but they had me at free fabric!

There was a choice of 4 fabrics, all from the same Country Crafts collection. I immediatly chose Calluna Amethyst. It’s a gorgeous watercolour type print, fading into the middle.


What did I decide to make?? Well, a little pinafore dress of course!


image image                   image










It’s such a pretty fabric and I love the way you can see the fading of the print on the skirt.

Ok, so part of the deal is that I tell you all how it’s done, so grab a cuppa and and enjoy!


How to make this pinafore dress.

Ok, first, bear in mind that my sizing was for a 2-  3 year old. Just increase / decrease measurements if your little one is bigger or smaller!

You will need… Calluna Amethyst fabric (my 1 m sq. was more than enough), thread, scissors, sewing machine and elastic (again, 1 m will be more than enough. the elastic I used was 3 cm wide.) Let’s get started!

1. Get cutting. you will need the following… 1 piece 73 x 35 cm (skirt) 2 pieces 15 x 17 cm (for the bib) and 2 pieces 44 x 9 cm (straps.) All sizing includes seam and hemming allowances.

2. Hem the skirt by folding over the bottom on to the undeside by 1 cm and then again by 1 cm. Sew the two bib pieces together (pretty sides together.) Dont forget to leave a gap to allow you to turn it right way round. Again with the straps fold each long piece in half (so that its long and thin) and sew together, sewing up one end only (you will need to turn this right way round again. When it’s the correct way round you can simply fold raw edges in and stitch a line over to finish off the straps.) image image










3. Once all pieces are right way round again, give them an iron.

4. Lay your skirt piece out flat and draw a straight line 6.5cm from the top on the reverse of the fabric. Then put pretty sides together and sew seams together to form the basic skirt (zig zag over seams to finish.)











5. Now on to the more tricky bit, the elastic. Whilst inside out, fold the skirt in half so that the seam is running vertically down the back of the skirt in the middle. You now have the back of the skirt, which is where the elastic will be. Line up the top of the elastic to the line you drew earlier. Get your elastic and pin to the edge of the back half of the skirt. Now you need to sew the elastic in place. secure vertically first (go back and forth a few times, you want it secure!) Now sew horizontally along the width of the skirt and as you are doing so, pull the elastic tight. Stop when you get to the end of the back half of the skirt. Go up and down to secure again.











6. You should now have fabric flapping around above the elastic. What you need to do now is fold the fabric in a little and then fold over to cover elastic. Like when you are hemming, just a bit bigger. A simple topstitch will secure this in place. When you go over the back part of the skirt, it will help to pull the elastic, so that the fabric lies flat.











7. Tough bit over, we are on the home straight! Get the bib from earler and attach to the skirt (in middle on front of skirt.) Place the bottom of the bib on to the skirt by about 1 cm and top stitch all around the bib (this will also close the hole that was there.)











8. Secure the straps to the back of the skirt with a row of stitching, and put button holes in the other end of the straps. Sew on buttons to the front of the bib.











9. Place press stud fastners on each side of the skirt, approx 4 cm apart. This bit is optional, but allows for more growing room and a more defined skirt. I also hand stitch a piece of cream crochet lace to the hem of the skirt. Again, optional, but it does look pretty!











10. Sit down, have a cup of tea and admire your work!


Well I hope you enjoyed my entry for the Competition. If you like, search the web for a few other bloggers entries, there are all sorts of wonderful things being created with the Country Crafts fabric collection!   Lou



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