Wonky crosses

So, a week or so I saw a call out for wonky cross blocks. These blocks were needed to make quilts for the Siblings Together quilt collection that is happening.

You can see all the amazing things happening for the Siblings Together quiltathon by visiting the Flickr group ‘Siblings Together’ there’s block collections, quilt bees as well as individuals making and donating quilts. People in the quilting world are devoting a lot of time and energy to this cause, I’m sure they will all deserve a huge glass of wine when all the quilts are done and handed over! Go visit the a Flickr group- It’s worth a read!

Back to the blocks, the great thing about the wonky crosses block is that it’s a quick and easy block, so great for any skill level.

They are wanting blocks for boys, so greens, blues and greys, I raided my stash to find enough to put a few together (evidently this is not a colour palate I use a lot as I didn’t have much!)

Here’s what I made:


I think this one is my fave as it’s more my colours.


They are still collecting these till May 12th…


ps, I hope you are all having a lovely Easter break! 🙂


    1. Thanks Al, I think the ladies organising the wonky crosses have enough for 3 quilts now (at 48 blocks per quilt.) I’m looking forward to seeing them finished! That’s a lot of piecing for them!


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