Easy skirt DIY (Oh Damn! That skirt’s so easy…)

… I’m going to make a hundred!!

That seems to be what happened to me anyway!














I’m going to share today the easiest skirt in the world (no, that’s not an exaggeration 😉 )

You need a piece of fabric about 25% (or more) bigger than your waist.

Sew right sides together to make the basic skirt shape. Zig zag stitch over the seam (or overlock if you have it!)

Hem the bottom of the skirt (fold over twice (so edges are tucked in.))

Do the same thing to the top but make it large enough to fit the elastic through (I’ve used 2cm wide and 3 cm wide elastic and both worked well.) Leave a gap of a couple of inches to put the elastic in.

Best way to feed the elastic through is to attach it to a safety pin and feed that through around the skirt. When it’s all through, try skirt on and pull elastic till it fits how you want it to and using the safety pin to mark where it needs to be stitched together.

Sew the two bits of elastic together (go back and forth a few times to make sure it’s secure) trim and poke it into the waist band. Sew up the gap you left.

So far I’ve used cottons and double gauze and it works great with both.

I love making these skirts. They are so quick to make and it’s great to have a self made skirt that nobody else will have!



  1. Lovely skirts! I made some similar for my little girls last year but for some strange reason never thought to make some for myself! #tuesdaytutorials


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