The Darcy Boxer Shorts

Today I’m talking pants…

I’ve been eyeing up these gorgeous knicker patterns from Measure Twice/Cut once for a few months now and finally got around to making my first pair of knickers at the weekend.

I chose the Darcy boxer short because (let’s be honest here) it’s free and I wanted to see how it all went before purchasing one.


How it all went…

It was my first time using a print out PDF pattern and I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly it got pieced together. I was imagining paper everywhere, carefully pealing off and re- sticking cellotape. But it literally took 10 mins with no problems. Not sure if it would be the same for a full scale dress pattern though!


So, I then cut out the pattern and folded down to the size needed (I realise this is so lazy and I should have traced it, but it was late and I wanted to get it done that evening) and cut out my pieces.

Instructions are simple and easy to follow (having made Pj pants before helped as these are shorts at the end of the day.)

I didn’t include the fly, but did add some cute mint lace on the edges.
The ladies’ version (yes, the pattern and instructions allows for both men and women’s versions to be made) has cute little side slits which is a nice detail.

I would say that if you don’t do a fly, sew a little something in the back of the shorts, so you can easily tell front from back later.

I was really pleased with my finished item. They are really comfy and soft. I used a soft, fine lawn fabric which really suits the style.

image image image


Next week- Georgiana knickers…





  1. To make them without the fly front, did you just leave off that piece and sew the font seam together? Or did you do anything else special? Thanks!


    1. Hi Brianne, the instructions have info on what to do if you want the shorts without fly. I think you make two left parts (or maybe right parts!?! ) and then it works. Sorry for not being very helpful!!


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