Craftsy, as I’m sure many of you know, is a place to take online classes in loads of crafts, buy patterns, supplies.


I’ve known about and visited Craftsy for many years and have recently joined their affiliate scheme.
This means I’ll put putting a little add on my blog site and will earn a small commission should you buy something or enrol on a class via my link.

I don’t get paid per click, so it’s not in my interest to tell you loads of amazing untruths just to get you to click!

Anyway, boring bit over, they were very nice and gave me a class for free.
Now, I was very tempted with Advanced Fondant Techniques, but I thought if better stick to something sewing-y and went for Sewing with Knits by Meg McElwee.


You can watch your class whenever you want, in pieces or go back again and again. I watched mine via iPad in bed- it’s the best way!

You can make notes during the class which then automatically pings back to that place in the video, great for referring back to key parts.

With this class I also got all PDF patterns for items sewn in the class, so you can actually make the items you are being taught to make!

They also do loads of free classes, so as well as watching the QuiltCon lectures, I’m also going to learn how to make the perfect pizza base, because anyone who’s eaten my pizza will know it needs a little something.

On Craftsy, you’ll also find patterns, again both free and to pay for, so it’s a great place to support independent designers.

I’ve been talking for a while now, so I’ll wrap it up!

But I really do like Craftsy, and if I’m honest, it’s not like they are going to make me rich so if I thought they were a bit, well, not so good, I wouldn’t waste a blog post on them.

Ok, now go visit Craftsy!

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