Open wide zipper pouch by Nodlehead

Open wide…


Well the name might you remind you of a trip to the dentist, but it’s a great little pattern, that leads to a great zipper pouch you can actually open all the way up!

It’s by Noodlehead and you can get the tutorial here:

Open wide zipper pouch

I chose the following fabric for my pouch:


Cotton and Steel XOXO in Toy Boat Gold

Alison Glass Text Print

Chunky Gold Zip 12″

It’s a quick and easy make, just remember to follow the instructions as this is slightly different to a normal zipper pouch.

Next time I won’t use such a large zip, the pattern says 12″ or bigger but I think 2″ extra (and chunky) was a bit much.

Perfect for all my washi tapes don’t you think?!(There’s actually space for more.)



Would be great as a gift, filled with little goodies, may have to make a few more come Christmas.







  1. I absolutely love making this pouch and they are definitely sweet as gifts filled with goodies. Yours is adorable! Loving the new C&S fabric! x


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