Festival part 1 – shopping!!

Last weekend, I went to my first ever Festival of Quilts.

I went on the Saturday and it’s hard to explain how amazing it was! There was so much to see and do that really one day isn’t enough. We got there before it started and stayed till the very end, I didn’t do any classes but still left feeling like I hadn’t seen it all.
It was a full and fantastic day!

First up, shopping. Wow! So many stalls, selling so much. I actually think I was quite reserved in my shopping. I love everything I got (but also loved a few things I didn’t get- can’t have it all though, ay?)

Here’s my little selection:

Trying to fit it all in one shot is hard!






Foxes and Xmas fabric were super cheap cottons that are both going towards projects for my girl.

I signed up to 3 issues for £3 of Love Patchwork and Quilting (and got the cute Love Craft bag.)

I visited Simply Solids and got the Gutterman for £1! As well as some batting bonding stuff and the turquoise and orange fabrics.

The bundle of blue and grey is from my quilt Bee buddy, Joanna’s shop (check out those Roos!)


I also got some Aurifil 50wt and 4 Aurifloss spools from Pin it and Stitch.
Oh and those 2 little Aurifils are freebies for getting a hole in 3 goes at the fun Aurfil stand! Turns out I’m good at golf when pretty threads are up for grabs!

The Aurifill stand
So pretty…


I also got a 10″ square pack of Salt Water by Tula Pink and an additional 1/2 meter print.


I got a gorgeous scrap pack of a Liberty from Alice Caroline. £1 a piece, in a massive pile, I was super lucky to be at the right spot when queue at the zoo got chucked in!


Last, but definitely not least I bought a Big Shot (to be fair I’ve been wanting one for years and people were demonstrating them all over the place) and Hexie and HST dies and a Quilt Now bag!


Phew, it was a busy day, seriously, I could have got a lot more!

I was going to do 1 post about the whole day, but just the shopping is making for a long post, so I’ll do another post during the week sharing some of my favourite quilts from the show…




Ps. Here are the links to the shops I mentioned:

Simply Solids: http://simplysolids.co.uk

Crafty Quilter: http://www.craftyquilter.co.uk

Pin it and Stitch:

Alice Caroline: http://www.alicecaroline.co.uk


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  1. Wow love your post! Looks like you bought home a lot of goodies! Especially that Aurifill thread on wooden spools! How lovely! I was just saying to myself yesterday how I wouldn’t trade up my YLI wooden spools for anything but now I see these. Are they for the machine?


  2. you’ll be sewing like crazy with the amount of time you save using the big shot. I love your salt water fabric, imagine it will be hard to cut into 🙂


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