Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!

I am so desperate for spring to come! We are getting hints of it here in Oxfordshire, UK, so I’m hoping it wont be long till we are in full spring mode!

In my desperation for all things Spring, I made my little daughter (she‘s 3), this little bunny skirt.

bunny skirt

It’s made with fabrics from Makower’s ‘Locally Grown’ range. Using the solid yellow for the main skirt and ‘Locally Grown Flowers’ fabric for the appliqué and pocket.

 Bunny close up pocket

It has an elasticated waist which I made by measuring my little girlie’s waist and adding 50% to allow for the gathering.

 She always likes pockets to store ‘stuff’ in, so I added a little pocket into the seam (although she then complained that there wasn‘t one the other side, so next time it‘s two pockets or none!)

For the appliqué I used Bondaweb and stitched over the top.

Finally the sole inspiration for the whole skirt – the pom pom tail!

I made this tiny little pom pom and hand stitched it to the skirt. I have to admit, I’m a little fearful for that little pom pom in the wash, but I was given a great suggestion of a bit of fake fur material for the tail, so if the pom pom fails me, I have a back up!


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