WIP Wednesday – Cross Stitching

I’ve been wanting to try cross stitch properly for a while now and could withstand the temptation of the Floss and Mischief kits no more!

image 1 x

image 2 x

I have started with ‘Float’, I say started because I really like that green beetle!)

It arrived on Monday and despite have a million and other sewing WIP’s (or not even started yet) projects that need to be done, I cracked this open and got my cross stitch on!

I forced myself to read the how to cross stitch booklet, got a little intimidated by the look of the pattern and managed to create more knots in the floss than anyone would think possible, (I haven‘t even started yet – this is me trying to separate the threads!)

Anyway, this is how far I’ve got:

photo 3 x

You can see it’s the middle feather, right?

I’m really enjoying it, especially when it all ’adds up’ and the crosses start making shapes. I can’t wait to see it finished, but at the same time, I don’t want to rush it as I’m already managing to create A LOT of knots just pulling the thread back and forth (not quite sure how I’m managing it) and I also want to take time to enjoy a slower way of sewing!


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  1. Cross stitch can be quite relaxing. The key to me when separating the threads is to take the tip of one of the floss strands then pinch the others together as you pull that one out. Hope that helps!


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