Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Infinity Scarf Tutorial



Fun, quick and easy to make and they make a great gift, the infinity scarf is a fabulous sewing project.

I loved working with the beautiful, silky lawns and turned them into the following scarves:

First is a straight infinity scarf, made as a gift for my sister, using ‘Bye Bye Birdie in Blush’ by Atelier Brunette mixed with a little Cotton and Steel ‘Mesa Lawn Sunrise in Indigo’ added in to give the scarf extra length (and a bit of contrast.)


Second, for myself, I made a figure of 8 infinity scarf using two Cotton and Steel prints (an instant favourite of mine) – ‘Tokyo Train Ride , Mystery food in Light Grey’ and ‘Mesa Lawn Sunrise in Indigo’



Below is a tutorial for how I made the scarf, that I made for myself. It was quite difficult to photo such a long scarf in a way that would make the steps clear, so using some left over fabrics from my last post I’ve made a mini version, to show the steps.

Please feel free to cut straighter, sew straighter and use a less contrasting thread when making your actual scarf!


To make the scarf:

I used a skinny quarter (25cm x width of bolt) of two cotton lawns.

If you want a fuller scarf use more than 25cm and if you want a longer scarf that you can wrap around a few times, sew together two larger pieces to create a length that is longer than the standard width of bolt (44″/112cm)


1. Sew the two pieces right sides together. Sew all the way around, except for one short end. scarf tute1

2. Turn right way round, poke out corners and press.


3. Now tuck the finished end into the open end (making sure to also fold the raw edges of the unfinished end inwards) and topstitch over to secure in place.

If you want a straight infinity scarf, make sure the fabrics match each other when doing step 3. To make it figure of 8, twist the fabric over before step 3.

for standard infinity scarf
for standard infinity scarf
For figure of 8 scarf
For figure of 8 scarf

It’s as easy as that!

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