Teacher pouch

Wow, it’s nearly the end of the school year (in the UK) and my eldest daughter’s first year at Nursery.
To say thank you to her amazing key person, I had to include a little handmade gift, teacher themed, of course!

This is another Open Wide pouch (See Noodlehead’s website for tutorial) using the 12” zipper dimensions.
To make:
For the exterior I used Kona white with medium weight interfacing and using a Hera marker, scored lines running horizontally every 1/2”

I then quilted along these lines, using blue thread.
To create the margin, I quilted a single line vertically on the left hand side in red thread.
To personalise, I embroidered the teacher’s name in Aurifloss (ok, so embroidery isn’t my forte!)
Embroided using one of my favourite Aurifloss colours – 2530


Then carry on with Noodlehead’s fab tutorial, to turn it into a great pouch!



  1. I love this so much and am totally going to copy it if you don’t mind!! (Besides the actual name of course!) Annoyingly my daughter’s teacher’s surname is 9 letters long!

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