Shady goings on…

with DIY lampshading (it’s a new word)

diy lampshade

On a whim I got this lampshade making kit, a 20cm drum kit with everything to make the shade, except fabric.

As it’s something I am going to look at every day I chose to use some of my precious Kokka stags fabric (you only need a skinny quarter for this size.)


Lampshade kit – I believe there are kits all over the place, but I used this one here – They do different shapes/sizes so there’s lots to try out.

Fabric of your choice – 25cm x 65 cm

My thoughts:

It was easier than I expected it to be, although it does use double sided sticky tape which you attach to the rings and then on to the fabric which can be a bit of a handful, but not too bad.

I found that (as much as I LOVE this fabric) my fabric choice wasn’t the best, as this is a thicker linen mix fabric, it wasn’t so easy to tuck all the little ends in around the frame, and it frayed a bit more than I would expect standard quilting cotton would.

However, I Love my lamp and really want to make another. They also do waste paper bin kits, so I think one of those is definitely in order for my new sewing room!

What do you think, is it ever something you have wanted to try?


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