Wanderer Easy Baby Blanket

After making this gorgeous blanket for a friend’s new baby, I really would like one for myself, yes for me, adult size. It’s so snugly and soft!
I used the gorgeous leaf print from Wanderer by April Rhodes as I wanted something soft and beautiful rather than bright and novelty which you sometimes see for babies.
Also, this collection was made by Art Gallery fabrics so is beautifully soft and silky for a cotton print – perfect!


3/4 m of cotton print (Cotton voile/lawn would also work beautifully)
1 meter of fleece (I used this lovely soft and low pile fleece from Plush Addict which is 150cm wide)
4 meters of binding – I made my own using Sprinkle by Cotton and Steel in Corduroy and Stardust

How to:

This is ridiculously easy and quick to put together.
Cut your fleece in half width ways to that you have a piece that is 1m x 75 cm (you will have enough fleece for two blankets this way.)
Lay your cotton print over the top of the fleece, wrong sides together.
Pin in place and sew a large stitch (I used number 5) all the way around the outside, quite close to the edge. (This is because when you sew your binding on later you don’t want this stitch to show.) If it shirrs up just leave a fair bit of thread at the end and push the shirring out until fabric is flat.
Attach the binding (machine attach to front and hand stitch down – be careful to make sure you get your stitches all the way through the fleece and not just the fluffy bits at the top!) At this point, before hand stitching on the reverse side, you can remove your large tacking stitches (optional).

How beautifully does this Sprinkle binding go with the blanket?

So soft!
So soft!

Boom – that’s it a beautiful, handmade, baby blanket that everyone is guaranteed to love!

I paired it with this cute mushroom baby hat:

blanket 15 012

As I went for a bit of a woodland theme with this present, I’m linking up with the fabulous Le Challenge which has a Wilderness theme this month – this fits, right?!

blanket 15 010



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