Makers Tote – all mine!!


I’m such a fan of Anna Graham’s (Noodlehead) patterns.

If you haven’t sewn one of her patterns yet, you really should! her patterns leave you with a make to be proud of.

Talking of Noodlehead patterns, I’m here today to show you MY makers tote. Now, I say ‘MY’ because I’ve actually made 3 already, but this is the first one that I’ve made for myself!!

I find we do that a lot as sewers/quilters/makers, we make beautiful items with so much love and effort but rarely keep the finished items for ourselves!

So here it is…


Its the large version and the main outer fabric is a canvas print by Rifle Paper Co for Cotton and Steel. I actually saw this print and instantly thought that would look so good as a Makers Tote and so here it is, in its 3D, actually made, not just an idea in my head, glory!


This inside is not as calm as the outside. I have too much fabric and I was adamant I would not buy more for the insides just so that they could match. So the inside/pockets/gussets/straps etc are a ‘patchwork’ of some of my favourite fabric prints (that I had big enough pieces of!)

I’m cool with that, I get more pretty fabrics to look at when I’m using it.



I plan to use this lovely bag when I go to sew at my guild days and also when I’m teaching a class to bring all my samples etc with me.

I mentioned this was not my first, so here’s a few quick pics of the other Makers Totes I have made, one each for my two daughters and one for my husband. (To be fair nobody asked that I make them one at all, let alone before I make one for myself!)

Do you have a favourite pattern or designer? I’d love to know!

Lou x


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