Fraction. A pattern.

So, today is a bit of a big day for me.

Today is the day I release my first physical, paper, hold it in your hands pattern…

It’s exciting! But also scary, what if no one buys it? Or worse, they buy it and then they don’t like it? What if they buy it and all the paper dissolves in their hands?? The fears are real people!!

Anyway, my (very British??) attitude wants to just quietly whisper that the patterns there, you know, if you want it, but if you don’t that’s fine!

But that wouldn’t be very business like of me would it? Also I am proud of this step and so I shouldn’t hide it, should I?

So here it is, in digital and paper form,

The fraction quilt…

For the first 48 hours (or thereabouts) it will be 20% off and available in paper form via my Etsy shop.

and in digital form from:


Payhip (for EU customers- Eu vat laws!)

(Also if you are a shop and would like to buy some patterns wholesale contact me for prices!)

Lou x


  1. Hi Lou! I’m living in Bristol and going to try make this for my partner. I’d like to extend the colours in it (so add green and purple) so that the colour extends more. Any tips on customising/modifying the pattern? I love how organic your colours look next to each other and want to make sure when I add the green or purple it is the same.


    1. Hi Claire! Re colouring sounds fun. I’d swap the colours in gradually near the similar colours. Have you bought the pattern yet? If not, let me know when you do and I can email you a blank Fraction pattern which you can use as a colouring plan.


  2. Hey Lou I was on your Fractions Quilt class at Fabric Hq in Stoke Mandeville. My quilt top is done! Am going to border it later 😳. Brilliant colours! Thanks.


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